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    Asset Class
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    摘要: A group of securities that exhibit similar characteristics, behave similarly in the marketplace, and[閱讀全文:]

    Closed-End Fund
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    標簽: 封閉式基金

    摘要: 英文名稱:Closed-end Fund 中文名稱:封閉式基金指經核準的基金份額總額在基金合同期限內固定不變,基金份額可以在依法設立的證券交易場所交易,但在基金合同期限內基金份額持有人不得申請贖回的基金[閱讀全文:]

    Crossover Fund
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    標簽: 交叉基金

    摘要: 英文名稱:Crossover Fund 中文名稱:交叉基金既可以投資于上市公司股票又可以投資于非上市公司股票的投資基金。An investment fund that has investment ho[閱讀全文:]

    Capital Appreciation Fund
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    摘要: 英文名稱:Capital Appreciation Fund 中文名稱:資本升值基金旨在通過投資公司股票,并通過股票價格上漲實現資本升值的基金。e.g. Amid concerns of an econ[閱讀全文:]

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    摘要: 英文名稱:Beta 中文名稱:β值/貝塔系數評估一種證券系統性風險的工具,用以量度證券或投資證券組合相對總體市場的波動性。貝塔系數利用回歸的方法計算:貝塔系數為1,即證券的價格與市場同幅度地變動;貝塔系[閱讀全文:]

    Blend Fund
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    摘要: A category of equity mutual funds with portfolios that are made up of a mix of value and growth stock[閱讀全文:]

    Back-End Load
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    摘要: A fee (sales charge or load) that investors pay when selling mutual fund shares within a specified nu[閱讀全文:]

    Balanced Fund
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    摘要: 英文名稱:Balanced Fund 中文名稱:平衡基金一種均衡投資于債券和股票、貨幣市場等風險程度不同的金融產品,以求既獲得穩定收益,又能捕捉成長機會的基金。e.g. Huaxia global se[閱讀全文:]

    Zacks Investment Research
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    A company, founded in 1977, dedicated to providing professional investors with the financial data and analysis needed to make better speculative decisions for themselves and their clients.


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    摘要: A class of mutual fund shares that employees of the fund's management company are allowed to own. Employees may have the option of buying Z-shares or receiving them as a part of compensation or a rew[閱讀全文:]

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